Buffalo Blue Cheese Ranch Popcorn

Hayward Gourmet

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Buffalo Blue Cheese Ranch Popcorn

Tangy, zesty, spicy, and savory.

Our Buffalo Blue Cheese Ranch popcorn is a blend of two flavored popcorns: the red colored kernels are Buffalo Blue Cheese flavored and the white colored kernels are Ranch flavored.

The Buffalo Blue Cheese popcorn is bold and tangy, while the Ranch popcorn is cooling and creamy — making this a perfectly balanced popcorn blend.

Buffalo Blue Cheese: embodies the bold flavor of buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese, a truly unique popcorn!

Ranch: is a White Cheddar based popcorn with cooling ranch flavors added.


Popcorn is what we do best here at Hayward Gourmet! All of our popcorn is handmade from scratch and hand-packed in our licensed manufacturing facility. We are a family owned, small business in small-town Hayward, WI.

Our Gourmet Flavored popcorns came in a wide range of flavors. There is definitely a flavor for EVERYBODY.



      Snack: 3 cups

      Medium: 7 cups

What’s in it: all of our popcorn is popped in top-grade, raw, pure, buttery coconut oil, using non-GMO premium popcorn mushroom seeds. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and held to a high standard of quality. 

Packaging: popcorn is bagged by hand into bags with a clear front / silver back. The bags include a tamper-proof, heat sealed protective tearable strip and a resealable press-to-close zip to maintain freshness after initial opening of product.